If you haven’t read a VEDIC MORNING yet, I highly suggest you do! It’s a great way to cleanse and nurture yourself in the morning and start the day feeling fresh and energized. Below is a follow on from this post I’ve called A VEDIC DAY. As I’ve said before, you don’t want to create more stress in your life trying to live a perfect Vedic life straight out of the gate. I suggest starting slow and adding in these Ayurvedic tips and tricks bit by bit, seeing which ones feel charming to make a permanent part of your daily routine. You’ll be amazed how much better you can feel by implementing these simple Ayurvedic tips each day. Just like meditation, daily practice makes all the difference. And most importantly once you start experimenting with these tips, be your own judge. See which ones resonate with you and where you’re getting the most benefit, and start integrating those ways of living into your daily routine!

DYNAMIC ACTION (Pitta time is 10am - 12pm)

This part of the day has the fire of Pitta behind it, making it a great time to be creative and innovative in your activities. You don’t have to be an artist, designer or musician to be creative. Being creative means being open to infinite possibilities, present in the moment, tapping into flow, flexible in your actions and adaptive to change. You can be creative in setting up systems at work, cooking, studying, exercising, lovemaking… creativity in inherent in everything.


Pitta time of day (10am-12pm) is great for creativity and igniting action. But as we know, add too much fuel to a fire and you can have an uncontrollable blaze in minutes. That’s why it’s important to stay cool during the middle of the day (especially in summer!) and there are a few little Ayurvedic tips and tricks to do so. In Ayurveda, it’s suggested that you avoid snacking between meals, to give your digestive system the chance to burn through each meal. However COOLING AYURVEDIC DRINKS (more recipes and videos coming soon!) are a great way to regulate your body temperature and metabolism, and feel like you are getting enough energy to continue in your creative morning, without placing excess pressure on your digestive system or creating too much heat!


The middle of the day is Pitta time which is also the height of your digestive fire. That means it’s a great time to have your midday meal. Ideal quantity of food for a single meal is the amount that can be scooped up with two hands. It’s really important to be as conscious and aware as possible when eating your meals; that means avoiding eating on the run or inhaling your food because you only have 5 minutes to eat lunch. Take your time, chew, taste and feel the food, bring awareness to your meal and try to eat with as little talking as possible. Ayurveda suggests eating in silence, however if you’re on a lunch date that might not be entirely possible. Try talking less whilst you are actually eating the meal, engage in the qualities of the food and how it’s making you feel, then after you’ve finished, talk away!

It’s best to avoid large iced, cold or fizzy drinks whilst eating your meal as it’s kind of like throwing a bucket of iced water on your digestive fire… it’s going to put out the flames. Instead, have a small cup of warm or room temperature water with your meal and sip on it slowly. About 45 minutes after your meal have a glass of warm or room temperature water to aid the digestive process.


Walk briskly for about 20 minutes or so after you’ve had lunch to aid digestion and stimulate the release of good endorphins throughout your body. In Ayurveda, when you are exercising your heart rate should increase but not to the point that you wouldn’t be able to have a conversation with the person next to you. Be easy, be calm and allow your senses to absorb the incredible world around you as you briskly walk around your suburb, work, a park or wherever you need to be next.

AFTERNOON HIGH (Vata time is 2pm-6pm)

Most people get an afternoon slump around 3 or 4pm where they feel light headed, tired, hungry or in need of an instant sugar fix. Avoid the muffin+coffee craving by sipping on COOLING AYURVEDIC DRINKS throughout the afternoon to sustain your energy levels and keep you cool, calm and creative. If you are feeling hungry, have a piece of whole fresh juicy fruit. If you have been slammed all day and are in need of a really good rest, now is a great time to get your afternoon meditation session in. Meditate for 20 minutes at work, on the bus or train home, or wherever you are in the moment. Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and de-excite your mind. You may notice that after your meditation, you may not be that hungry anymore, as you’re rested and calm and not needing an external hit of energy.

PRANAYAMA (2-5min)

Pranayama breathing techniques help in purifying the subtle bodies and bring coherence to your brain. There are a wide variety of breathing techniques; ask your yoga or meditation teacher to suggest a technique that will benefit you in calming the body and mind before you dive into meditation.


If you have time prior to meditating, it’s highly beneficial to do some simple yoga asana sequences and pranayama. It helps to prepare the body and mind to transcend in meditation. When we meditate we have no expectations, no preferences for a certain experience and no preconceived ideas of what is going to happen. We let go, surrender to the moment and go with the flow of natures intelligence. It’s all about easy effortless repetition of the mantra and a nonchalant attitude toward thoughts. If you need any help with your practice get in contact with your teacher or email me here to learn.


P.S. I want to acknowledge that there are a lot of opinions out there about routine, especially when it comes to eating. My take on all this… KNOW YOURSELF. Every single person on this earth has an individual nature and biochemical makeup. Therefore, each person will have a different way of maximizing their happiness and potential each day. Knowing your DOSHA and the qualities of your mind will help you create your own SELF AWARE routine. Above are simple Ayurvedic tips that are in alignment with the flow of Nature. Therefore, experiment with the way you live, try new ways of doing things and create a routine that makes YOU feel awesome. 

See here for A VEDIC DAY // PART 3 // EVENING

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